Flea control

Flea Control


Fleas are very common in UK homes, especially those with pets. You may discover a problem with fleas even if you do not have pets, if previous owners of your property kept cats or dogs. Fleas can also be carried on other animals like rabbits, foxes, squirrels, rats, mice etc.

As parasites, the greatest concern about the presence of fleas in your home or business comes from their bites. Discovering there are fleas in your home or business can cause distress, due to the fleas lifecycle, it can seem like a never ending war!

If your pet has fleas, it will suffer from a great deal of discomfort and could also have an allergic reaction to the flea’s saliva. As flea eggs can survive dormant for long periods of time, sometimes up to 18 months, it’s possible that the infestation was a problem before you even moved into your current home!

Before a professional insecticide treatment, clear the floor space as you can to ensure that treatment is as thorough as possible. Hoovering all areas helps to remove any debris, eggs, larvae, pupae and adult fleas. The vibration of the vacuum cleaner also stimulates adults to hatch from their cocoon stage, making them easier to destroy with insecticides.

And it will also improve the chance of success with professional insecticide treatment, enabling it to penetrate down to the base of the carpet fibres where fleas live.

Remember to empty the vacuum or remove the vacuum bag, disposing of it in an outside bin. You will have collected eggs, larvae and adult fleas while vacuuming, and want to reduce the chances of any of those re-infesting your home.

Tornado Pest Control technicians are fully trained in Flea control and have access to a range of professional use pesticides which are not available to the public. 

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